How to keep financial secrets of the enterprise

How to keep financial secrets of the enterpriseMany heads of the largest domestic companies are interested in that the classified information always was in the extremely limited access. Wrongly it seems to much that to keep financial secret enough far away to hide all confidential documentation. Then enemies of the enterprise will not find it. In life everything occurs much more difficult. The main danger to the enterprise is represented in this case by ordinary employees who can and not suspect what information of a sort fell to them into hands. All problems occur because heads of the enterprises do not carry out regular works in the sphere of strengthening of information security of the enterprise. As much as possible to secure hidden information of the enterprises there is some advice.

It should be noted what to create high-grade system on protection of information it to you not to buy the mixer for kitchen in the next shop. Before will start creation of similar system it is necessary to count up, the company in case of leakage of this or that information is exposed to what risk. In the field of data acquisition the question of expediency of use of funds for creation of system of safety is taken out.

At the following stage the list of documents which are necessary for coding is defined. Thus it is necessary to allocate concrete names of documents, instead of to code data of the whole departments. It can lead to confusion and delay of working process. After that the place for storage of all confidential documentation gets out. It is possible to expose on all classified documents a signature stamp "Confidentially". Usually large enterprises buy special safes in which there is all accounts department about financial activities of the enterprise for departments.

To adjust system, it is possible to divide all employees of the enterprise into some groups. The optimum number of groups fluctuates around 4-5, however, for each enterprise this number. Depending on stay in this or that group, the corresponding list of documents will be available to the employee. It is conventional that the Internet is the most popular channel of information leakage. It is absolutely not obligatory to block all Internet access, it is quite enough to establish special filters.

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