Financial strategy of the organization

Financial strategy of the organizationFinancial strategy of each subject of the market will be defined by strategic priorities which face the enterprise, including priorities of the most financial management.

As it is established, the main priority of financial management – increase to the maximum market cost of the organization, and also ensuring growth of prosperity of owners. Respectively, financial strategy of the organization is the main plan of action on timely supply of the subject of financial and economic activity by the capital and further on its productive application for the purpose of organization capitalization.

Development of financial strategy of holding consists of a number of stages. It is initially necessary to define, on what specifically term is formed this strategy. Depending on temporary term of the project of actions priorities of financial policy of the enterprise, and a measure of study of financial plans depend also.

The long-term financial project of actions describes principles of creation and application of the income, needs for money and sources of their formation. Financial strategy for the short-term period is created within long-term budgetary strategy, concretizes it and declares the current management of money.

For banks financial strategy assumes to provide such principles, as optimum favorable deposits for individuals, investment and crediting system.

In a further step to development of this strategy it is necessary to reveal priorities of financial activity of the organization. Financial – strategy is considered the functional organization in relation to the corporate plan, means, it should be included in system of the main strategic priorities of the organization. As it is established, the main financial priority is a maximizing market cost at reduction of a share of risk. The similar priority can come to light both in relative, and in absolute indicators. The main objective is reached, if the subject has enough money, good profitability of the capital, the balanced system of the and extra capital. The main objective is concretized on financial подцели such, as system of assets, financial risks, profit, profitability of the capital and so on.

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