Business is open for youth, and youth for business?

Business is open for youth, and youth for business?

Business is open for youth, and youth for business?

Studying behavior of modern youth quite often you understand that today’s «colors of the nation» the strong push in the chosen direction is sharply necessary for the majority of representatives. Thus the direction is chosen for a long time, information is studied and even the facts are collected. That does not suffice? Actions!

Someone because of fear of a failure, someone because of indecision, someone simply from absence of support – everyone for the reason blocks these actions. But thus everyone looks for motivation after all to step into this track. Want motivation? Catch! Advertizing of one of new projects forced to gather in a search line of a word «business youth responses» and to see a two-three of references. The first of them leads to the description of business which began with visit of a seminar and now brings in to the owner the excellent income, allowing to live how it would be desirable. «the next divorce» – quite logically flew in the head, however interest did not die away. «On that it and youth to risk!» – one of critics who as gave a little attention to the project «Business Youth» speaks. It managed to visit seminars of "BM" and to consider everything from within, so to speak. What there it is possible to see?

«The very in an original way submitted kouching» – answers this question the critic. According to him, here the group of people, let and not for free of charge, learns youth to earn money, having armed with the favourite business, belief in the forces and support in undertakings. Learn not for "thanks", but after all and then will work not for "thanks", whether not so?

Genuine interest was caused by comments to words of the critic. In the majority, they contained efficient council that it is better to read books, than to pay money for seminars and to spend for them time, that is next "divorce" and so on. And one of readers asked: «Whether it is which that "kick" much so does not suffice?». «The comparative characteristic», saying that in the West if the businessman stumbled and failed in the undertaking, speak to it goes in a world wide web comic: «Everything is good, all began with falling, rise!», and here at us speak … "differently". Therefore once "having failed" the few already begin all over again. Perhaps after work with "BM" will begin?

Seminars of this project passed in many cities, but still did not come to us. Fortunately, webinars are conducted as also so at least partially to participate in this action it is possible. But as soon as the team «Youth Business» will decide to visit us, according to Karev’s council, I will surely visit. After all the personal charge of energy is something another. Who with me?

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